This page provides you with a link where you can view lists of valid repeater frequencies. You can use the listings to help you select up to three (3) frequency choices for your 'WPRC Frequency Coordination Application' (WPRC 100). Please remember when checking your selected frequencies, to check the frequencies immediately above and below your chosen frequency, and to follow the recommendations in the WPRC Repeater Coordination Policies page. Please note that this is your tool. You should not send it with your application.

The WPRC, Inc. does not recommend frequencies, nor do we give opinions as to the likelihood of successfully coordinating a repeater for any geographic location. It is up to the person seeking coordination to review any and all data available to them, select frequencies based upon this research, and submit the proper forms with accurate information for coordination. Every location has its own unique situations which determine the possibility of a successful coordination.

Everyone seeking frequency coordination needs to do a bit of due diligence selecting possible frequencies to coordinate. That said, if you go through the online WPRC repeater directory, lising by frequency, you might notice frequencies which are omitted or skipped. This is because there is no repeater currently coordinated in the WPRC jurisdiction on that frequency. This does NOT mean one isn't currently undergoing the process of coordination, but the chances of coordinating one that is not listed might be greater than one that is listed.

Remember that co-channel criteria (meaning on the same channel) is only one part of the coordination - adjacent channel criteria (meaning the channel directly above or below) is also important. This means that same frequency spacing is 100 miles and adjacent frequencies must comply with the specifications listed on the Coodination Policies page for the particular band.


29 MHz Repeater Frequency List

52 MHz Repeater Frequency List
144 MHz Repeater Frequency List
220 MHz Repeater Frequency List
440 MHz Repeater Frequency List
902 MHz Repeater Frequency List
1240 MHz Repeater Frequency List

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