Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council, Inc.

Board of Directors

The WPRC Board of Directors consist of an elected Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The election is held at the WPRC Annual Meeting held in October of each year. The Frequency Coordinator is appointed by the WPRC Board of Directors. Per the WPRC Constitution, two officers are elected every year for a two year term. Chairman and Treasurer are elected one year, followed by the Vice Chairman and Secretary positions the following year. The current members of the WPRC Board of Directors are:

Chairman: Elmer "Bud" Plants - N3TIR  email

Vice Chairman: Kevin Custer - W3KKC  email

Secretary: Bryan Simanic - WA3UFN  email

Treasurer: Scott Zimmerman - N3XCC  email

Frequency Coordinator (appointed): Frank Bobro - N3FB  email

Assistant Secretary (appointed): Elaine Bailey - K3EMM  email

Technical Committee Chairman and Assistant to FC (appointed): Kevin Custer - W3KKC  email

Bylaws Committee Chairman (appointed): Jeff Blake - N8PSU  email

Publicity Committee Chairman (appointed): Elmer "Bud" Plants - N3TIR  email

Publicity Committee Assistant and Webmaster (appointed): Scott Zimmerman - N3XCC  email

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