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Waiver of Standard Repeater Spacing

This is a form to be used when a repeater does not meet WPRC=s spacing policies and the trustee must obtain a waiver of spacing from another repeater trustee. The terms are up to the trustees involved. Item 4 is optional but all others are required. An original signed form must be filed with WPRC.

1. A) O This waiver is NOT restricted. The waived repeater may re-coordinate without  another waiver.
             (This includes changes in power, height, location or other coordination parameters)

    B) O This waiver IS restricted.
O The waived repeater may not re-coordinate closer nor increase profile without a new waiver.
         2. O The waived repeater must obtain a new waiver (if required) before any re-coordination.

2. The repeater belonging to the trustee granting this waiver:
O Is not restricted in any way. (It will not require a waiver from the waived repeater to
O Is under the constraint of items 1 & 4. Both repeaters will have equal status; neither has
    [The trustee granting this waiver may require a waiver from the one waived to re-coordinate.]
   (Null if 1A)

3. This waiver will expire: A) O Never    B) O On/if: _________________________________________

4. Other terms or limitations: (CTCSS, antenna pattern or height, hours of operation, ERP limit, Etc.)




(Please continue on back if necessary and sign at the end of the text. Continue on back: O YES      O NO

Repeater receiving waiver: (applicant)                             Repeater granting waiver: (existing repeater)

Frequency: _____________________________         ____________________________________

Repeater Call: __________________________           ____________________________________

Trustee Call: ___________________________           ___________________________________

Signature: _____________________________           ___________________________________

Name (print): ___________________________                 ___________________________________

Date: _________________________________                  __________________________________

Note: Failure to adhere to this waiver nullifies the associated coordination!                      WPRC-111/0199

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Page Updated: June 13, 2012