Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council

October 21, 2007 Meeting Notes


The Oct. 21st meeting was held at the Clarion OES Center with 12 members present. They were N3TNA, N3HZV, N3GPM, N3EJY, KR3P, N3BPB, KE3EI, N3WMV, N3XAR, W3CYD, N3TFY, and N2EVA. Greetings and introductions made around the room.


The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by N3GPM Dave, Chairman.

Minutes of the July 2007 meeting were read by N2EVA Ron, Secretary.  Motion to accept by N3HZV, and 2nd by N3WMV.


Treasury Report by N3EJY, Treasurer.  Balance 07/15/07 was $730.33 income from dues, and donations $110.00. Total $830.33. Paid out $41.00 check #541 to N2EVA for postage stamps, leaving new balance of $799.33.  The 6 Month Money Market CD paid $12.50 interest and now has a value of $1012.50.  Motion to approve by W3CYO and 2nd by N3WMV.


Freq. Coord. Report.  Since the last meeting there have been 23 items acted on. 13 Final Coord. (6 WPA / 7 Others), 1 Initial Coord, 1 Proposed, 5 Voided (0 out of state). As of 10/11/07 all items acted on.  Motion to accept by N3GPM and 2nd by KE3EI.




W3CYO, Sam brought up subject of allowance for after meeting snacks. Made motion for allowance of $50.00 per meeting or $200.00 per year. 2nd by N3HZV.  All members agreed. Motion carried.


N3EJY, Denny brought up subject of dues increase which was brought up at last meeting. After discussion, motion made by Denny to increase dues to $15.00 per year, per repeater.  Motion 2nd by N3TNA, Barry.  All members agreed. Motion carried.  All dues paid after 12:01 AM 01/01/08 will be $15.00 per year, per repeater.



The office of Chairman and Treasurer were up for election this meeting. N3TNA, Barry made motion to retain N3GPM, Dave as Chairman, 2nd by N3HZV, Dave.  All members present agree. N2EVA, Ron made motion to retain N3EJY, Denny as Treasurer, 2nd by N3WMV, Paul. All members present agreed. N3EJY and N3GPM retain their offices.


N3GPM made motion of adjourn at 2:45 PM, and 2nd by N2EVA, Ron.


Pop and Pizza furnish to members by W.P.R.C.


Submitted for approval or correction by N2EVA, Ron.


Please note that these notes are subject to review at the next scheduled W.P.R.C. meeting.