Minutes of the Annual Meeting
of the Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
October 19, 1997
Mercer, Pennsylvania

The annual meeting of WPRC was held at the EOC/911, 205 South Erie Street,
Mercer, Pennsylvania on October 19, 1997. Denny (N3EJY) called the meeting to
order at 1:39 p.m. N3EJY requested introduction of those members present.

Minutes of the July 20th meeting were read and approved by consensus.
The treasurer's report was given by Chuck (KC3ET), showing a balance of
$1,373.70 in the treasury. Chuck also reported that WPRC has 87 regular
memberships, 11 associate memberships, and 127 repeaters represented. The
treasurer's report was approved on motion by WA3IOU/N3GPM.

Committee Reports
Joe (KR3P) WPRC Coordinator indicated that since the last meeting there have
been 9 coordination items received: Five (5) out of state, and four (4) in
Spacing for ATV systems, as approved at the July meeting, has been added to
policy document in TABLE 1:
No less than 1.5 times the square root of the HAAT calculated for each
station or 10 miles whichever is greater to or from any other coordinated

The Web Page Repeater Directory listing has been updated and will be posted.

Constitution/Bylaws will be working on the task at hand via e-mail. KR3P
researched the records concerning the mailing of the newsletter and found that
WPRC did take action at the November 15, 1987 meeting to instruct the secretary
to mail the newsletter 15 days prior to the meeting.

Old Business

WPRC has received a letter from Mr. Pallini indicating his solution to the
problem and has agreed to some of the suggestions made by WPRC. A letter was
given to WB3LUC concerning the interference problem between Connellsville and
Bessemer. Mr. Pallini indicated his acceptance of the solution and will
inform WPRC as soon as the conditions are met.

WA3PBD/Laurel Highlands
N3EJY reported that the ATV station owned by WA3PBD has coordination. Laurel
Highlands ATV is not coordinated at the current site of operation. The
coordination that Laurel Highlands does have on that frequency at Rich Hill
will be considered abandoned unless they either move the equipment back or
otherwise indicate that they are going to utilize that site coordination. The
equipment has been off that site for over a year (per their own admission over
5 years). A letter indicating the board action will be sent to Laurel
Highlands letting them know that their application for coordination has been
denied and that unless they utilize their current coordination at Rich Hill
within 90 days that coordination will be terminated.

KR3P reported on systems in danger of being de-coordinated:
KA3COR 442.600 PGH/S Hills; KA3RPV 443.400 Butler; KA7OEI 1284.500 St. College;
W3XX (3 links - 900 MHz) PGH/N Hills; WA3YOA 900 MHz link Allison Park; N3IPW
link location not specified; ?????? link 220 MHz - Butler County; ?????? link
440 MHz - Butler; County; And the following are on a 60 day extension: N3FYD
146.805 Emporium (reported to be on the air by N3GPM); N3HZZ 443.575 Altoona;
N3FQG 444.600 Jeanette (N3MRU reported that this repeater has been sold, is on
the air, and that the paper work is in progress); N3FXD 444.475 Sheffield.
All are due to absence of coordinates except for N3FXD who we have coordinates
for but they are invalid. WA3IOU/KE3JP moved that the list of systems as
presented by KR3P be de-coordinated as of this meeting (October 19, 1997), and
that Emporium, Altoona, Jeanette and Sheffield be given 60 days to reply to
the request for information from WPRC. The motion carried.

KR3P reported on the progress of the application for coordination of N3FKE on
147.18 in Erie County. This item was on hold, which expired on July 1, 1997,
though the Cleveland group is still working with N3FKE on a solution that would
be mutually agreeable. The repeater is on the air in Erie County. Coordination
is being held up until we receive the waiver from Cleveland.

N3UOH/WV interference complaint
N3GPM requested that WPRC renew the action on the original complaint filed
October 27, 1995. The interference continues constantly. N3EJY will renew the
interference complaint as requested.

WN3M request for information on coordination of 443.375. Application for
frequency coordination has not been received by WPRC as of this meeting.
Paperwork will be completed by WN3M. N3GPM indicated that he will sign a
waiver for this coordination.

The following systems were reported to not be in operation: WA3RSP, 53.29,
Crafton; WB3HDI, 224.2, Carnegie; 442.75, State College; 441.025, State

KR3P reported that 146.43/147.43 PL131.8 Greene County is on the air.

New Business

N3LLR/WA3IOU moved that the WPRC dues for 1997 be set at $10 per repeater.
Several items have been added to the budget for this coming year including
NFCC dues which may be $75-$200 per year, and a propagation program to aid in
determining propagation fields for existing repeaters in order to better
facilitate coordination of future systems. The motion carried.

KR3P updated WPRC on the NFCC progress. NFCC Policy and Standards documents
are on hold. Membership form will probably be voted on within weeks

There was discussion concerning frequency allocation and the current policy.

N3EJY requested clarification of a request for information on 146.70 WX3E and
informed N3OCL that we need the request from the trustee of record.

N3EJY announced a change in the meeting sites: January 18 - to be held in
Fayette County; April 19 - Jefferson County 911, Brookville; July 19 - Delmont
Firehall, Route 22 & Route 66, Delmont.

Suggestion was made that the newsletter be sent out via e-mail or with a
remailer. N3LLR will talk to N3QCR about the possibility.

KF8YF interference problem was discussed and report received by WPRC. A file
will be opened on this complaint.

KR3P reported on an article in the OARC newsletter concerning PL tones.
N3EJY suggested a letter to OARC.

KR3P requested that WPRC adopt a policy on adjacent channel spacing 12.5 Khz
spacing @ 85 miles. Motion was made by N3LLR/N3APP. Motion carried.

KR3P recommended that we adopt an alternate APRS frequency of 144.39 and the
frequencies of 144.33, 144.35 for ATV audio and balloon audio. Recommendations
will be printed in the newsletter.

N3EJY opened nominations for officers for 1998. N3GPM/KE3JP moved that the
officers as seated be elected for a second term. The chairman instructed the
secretary to cast a unanimous ballot for the elections of the current board of
directors. Motion carried.

N3EJY informed WPRC that we will be moving toward incorporating as a not-for-
profit corporation.

N3LLR/WA3IOU moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion carried. The
meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary A. Housholder, N3QCR

These meeting notes are not official until they are approved by the
membership at a WPRC meeting.

Copyright WPRC 1997