October 19, 2003
Meeting Minutes

The WPRC meeting was called to order at 1:42 PM by Chair Dave N3GPM. The meeting was
held at Mutual Aid Ambulance Service Inc., 563 Otterman Street, Greensburg, PA.
Introductions were made around the room and visitors were welcomed.


Minutes of the July meeting were read, corrections were noted and accepted by
Sam KE3PO and seconded by Chuck KC3ET. M.C.

Treasurer’s Report was given with a balance of $2,759.04. A motion by Barry N3TNA
and seconded by Ron N2EVA to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made. M.C.


Coordination: A Coordination Report was given by Joe KR3P with 34 items acted upon
(29 New), 23 Final Coordinations (14-WPA, 09-Other); 05 Initial Coordination; 01
Proposed Coordinations; 00 Recoordinations, 01 Voids (00 out of state); 02 On-Air
Notices Received; and 00 Surveys (no change or minor change). To date the survey
reports are 331 out of 376 equaling an 88.0% return rate to date. As of October 19,
2003, all items have been acted upon except items brought up at meeting.

Technical Standards Committee: The proposed 900 MHz band plan was handed out.
KC3ET to post on web site for consideration. Comments to be sent to the WPRC.

Old Business: None

New Business:

Some Trustees have not responded to surveys. Motion was made to deal with the
surveys on a case-by-case basis. Motion by Ron N2EVA and seconded by Sam KE3PO. M.C.

K3HKK 146.760 trustee passed away. Motion to accept death notice as relinquishment
of frequency made by Chuck KC3ET and seconded by Dave N3GPM. M.C.

Survey form to KA3EX not delivered. Transfer to N3MSS repeater now located at
819/22 at Five Points. Motion to accept trustee change by Ron N2EVA and seconded by
Sam KE3PO.

Discussion of Regional Frequency Coordinator Committee. Proposed committee members
are: Frank N3FLR, Dave N3GPM, Denny N3EJY, Joe KR3P, Ron N2EVA and Chuck KC3ET.
Volunteers are welcome.

Discussion re. Cambria County 51.8 MHz repeater. Trustee is Cliff KB3AGT.

Election of Officers:

Voted Chair Dave N3GPM, Treasurer Paul N3WMV. Filled Secretary position previously
vacant by electing Ron N2EVA.

Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2004, at 1:30 PM at a
site to be determined. Upon confirmation of meeting site, it will be posted on the
website and in the Newsletter along with directions.

Motion by Patty N3AXR and seconded by Cliff KB3AGT to adjourn. M.C. Meeting was
adjourned by Chairman Dave N3GPM at 3:20 PM.