Subject: Western Pennsyvania Repeater Council Meetings Notes-October 18, 2009
From: W.P.R.C. Secretary Barry Troutman N3TNA

The October 18, 2009 was held Clarion County Communications Center, 421 Madison St., Clarion, Pa.

The meeting was called to order at 1330 by Chairman David Crise, N3GPM.
There were twelve (12) members present: N3HZV, AB3PJ, N3TNA, KE3EI, N3GPM, N3EJY, KR3P, KB3ORS, WB3IGM,

Minutes of previous meeting:
The minutes of the previous meeting wase read by Sec. Barry, N3TNA.
Motion to approve the minutes as corrected was made by Dave N3HZV and seconded by Brian KB3ORS..

Treasurer Report:
The Treasurers report was given by Denny N3EJY:
Ending balance as of July was $1236.99
Income from dues: $210.00
Disbursements: $141.85
12 month money market CD: $1032.75
Balance: $1305.14
Motion to approve the Treasurers Report was made by Barry N3TNA and seconded by Paul AB3PJ.

Frequency Coordinator Report:

Old Business:
Joe KR3P to put the FAQ.Stuff on the website for responses. Motion made by Barry N3TNA and seconded by Dave N3GPM.
Coverage area to be changed to a 50 mile radius and also to change policy in the Coordination Plan.
Trustee Change for State College.

New Business:
KR3P, Lou Ann Timmins, N3BPB Trustee, N3EJY Transfer.
KR3P, Tom Orzetti repeater problem discussion with Peter Carr. Motion by Denny N3EJY and seconded by Paul AB3PJ.
N3HZV thanks W.P.R.C. for the flowers for Ron N2EVA.
Bill N3BPB to have a D-Star presentation at the January meeting.

Election of Officers was held for Chairman and Treasurer. Dave N3GPM nominated for Chairman and Denny N3EJY for Treasurer.
N3EJY closed the nominations, and seconded by N3HZV. Sec cast the ballot.

Next Meeting:
D-Star Presentation.
April to be at Mercer 911 Center.

Please note that these meeting notes are subject to review and change at the next WPRC meeting.