Minutes of the Annual Meeting
October 17, 1999
EOC Brookville, PA

The annual meeting of WPRC was held at the EOC in Brookville on October 17,

Denny (N3EJY) asked permission to record the proceedings of the meeting for
the purpose of transcription of the minutes. The recording of the
proceedings will then be destroyed after the minutes are transcribed.
Permission was granted by consensus of the voting members present.

N3EJY called the meeting to order at 1335 hours.

1) N3EJY requested introduction of those members present.

Board of Directors members present: N3EJY, N3GPM, KR3P, N3QCR, KC3ET
Regular Members present: WA3HDK, WA3IOU, KC3ET, N3MBR, W3CYO, N5NWC

Guests present: N3JGT

2) On motion by W3CYO/N3MBR the following applications for membership
to WPRC were approved:

N3JGT Abbott Reid, representing the 444.275 repeater (CI)

3) The minutes of the Summer Meeting (July 18, 1999) were approved on
motion by WA3IOU/W3CYO.

4) The treasurer's report, showing a balance of $760.14 and the budget
of $952.50 for next year's expenditures, was approved on motion by


5) Joe (KR3P) indicated that since the last meeting there have been
35 items acted upon: 0 Final Coordination, 0 Initial Coordinations,
0 Proposed Coordination, 20 Recoordinations (0 WPA/20 Other), 8 on hold,
3 OTA received, 4 miscellaneous inquiries, surveys, etc. 1999 YTD: 86
Coordinations issued: 12 Final Coordinations, 7 Initial Coordinations,
6 Proposed, 61 Recoordinations (10 WPA/51 Other). There are 37 Outstanding
Items: 3 Awaiting Final Coordination (90 day period), 26 Awaiting OTA
Notices, 8 On Hold. All items received have been acted upon.


6) KR3P reported on the election of 2 board members for the NFCC. WPRC
cast its 3 votes for K7CR Clay Freinwald from Auburn, WA and KX4I Dave
Baughn from Tuscaloosa, AL. K7CR Clay Freinwald and WA9JOB Nels Harvey
from Mequon, WI were elected.


W3CYO voiced his hope that spacing could be reduced on the 450 MHZ band as
soon as the propagation software is completely operational.

N3EJY indicated that the article concerning NWS EAS alerts activating a
special tone, tail message or weather announcement on various repeaters
would appear in the next newsletter and the information will also be posted
on the web page encouraging membership to write to ARRL leadership in support
of change in this portion of Part 97.

N3EJY asked for input from the members present concerning WPRC meetings at
hamfests. By consensus of the council members present, the possibility of
scheduling 1 meeting a year at a hamfest will be investigated. WPRC will
also consider a brochure or handout to be distributed at hamfests in WPRC
territory and possibly an information table or forum.


N3GPM inquired about any plans for 12.5 Khz spacing on the 2 meter band.

WA3IOU requested that the restriction on N3LGY (444.825) be lifted in
consideration that the KF8QO in Beloit, OH, is no longer in service as
coordinated and that KD8XB in West Point, OH is now operating on 444.825
and is causing interference to N3LGY in Connellsville. (See Correspondence
Log #1149). N3EJY reported the process the WPRC uses in solving these types
of problems and indicated WPRC's actions concerning this matter thus far.


KC3ET indicated that he no longer wished to serve as treasurer of WPRC.
N3EJY thanked him for his past service and asked him if he would continue to
serve as WPRC Web Master. Chuck indicated that he would serve in that

N3EJY sought nominations for the office of treasurer. W3CYO/WA3IOU nominated
N3QCR for Treasurer.

N3EJY sought nominations for the office of secretary. There being no
nominations for secretary, Denny determined that constitutionally there was
no provision indicating that 2 offices could not be held by the same person.

WA3IOU/WA3HDK nominated N3QCR for Secretary.

N3EJY sought nominations for the office of Vice Chairman. N3MBR/W3CYO
nominated N3GPM for Vice Chairman.

N3EJY sought nominations for the office of Chairman. N5NWC/WA3IOU nominated
N3EJY for Chairman.

There being only one nominee for each office, N3EJY instructed the Secretary
to cast a unanimous ballot for the offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman and



There was discussion concerning the naming of "Secondary Trustees" for
repeater systems. It was determined that the board of directors will discuss
this subject and bring a proposal to WPRC.

Locations for next year's meetings were discussed. Possibilities include
S. Strabane VFD and a site off of Rte 51 for January or April. W3CYO and
WA3IOU will check into the sites and contact N3EJY.

N3JGT inquired about the possibility of an Emergency Repeater Frequency on
the 70cm band for portable use.

There being no further business to discuss at this time, W3CYO/WA3IOU moved
that the meeting be adjourned at 1505 hrs.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary A. Housholder, N3QCR
Please note that these minutes do not become official until voted upon by
the membership at the next WPRC meeting.