Western Pennsylania Repeater Council
October 15, 2006 Meeting Notes

The October 15th 2006 meeting was held at the Clarion County OES Center in Clarion Pa. Those in attendance
were as follows: NV3B, N3BPB, N3HZV, KC2PNK, KA3UTU, W3YZR, N3IHC, N4RVS, KE3EI, N3GPM,
KR3P, N3EJY, KA3HUK, WB3BFC, N3JXG, N3TNA, N3TFY, and N2EVA for a total of 18. Greetings and
introductions were made around the room.

The Secretary N2EVA read the minutes of the July 2006 meeting. Motion made to approve and accept
and carried.

Treasurer Report: by N3EJY
Beginning balance 07/16/06 $2933.96. Income $60. Disbursements $117 for postage. Balance 10/15/06 $2876,96.
Motion to accept N3TNA-2nd by W3YZR. Motion carried.

Frequency Co-ordination Report: by KR3P
Since last meeting 28 items acted on. 22 Final Co-ord (06-WPa/16-Other). 03 Proposed. 03 Denied as of
10/15/2006. All items have been acted upon. Motion to accept W3YZR-2nd by N3HZV. Motion carried.

Old Business:
New software for propagation in process of being ordered, and mirror setup for website being worked on.

New Business:

Recoordination for KA3HUK 147.300:
CANCELLED the co-ordination of WB3KZS on the 147.300 repeater due to failure to respond to registered letter requests for information from W.P.R.C., it not working most of the time, and her refusal to let it be repaired. Motion made by N3BPB and second N3TNA to grant co-ord to KA3HUK who has a request on file for co-ord. Motion carried.

Change To Constitution:
Under article VI, section 2, addition of B1:
All WPRC coordinated and pending coordination repeaters as listed in the official WPRC log shall be notified
by mail of annual meetings. Passed by all members present.

Quarterly Meetings: will be held onf the third (3rd) Sunday of month. Jan. will be in Butler, April will be in
Mercer, July will be at State College, and Oct. will be in Clarion. These are subject to change.

Phile Heck KE3EI retained as Vice-Chairman, and Ron Cyphert N2EVA as Secretary.

Motion made by N3TNA to adjourn, and second by N3BPB at 3:10 PM. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted for approval: Ron Cyphert Secretary

Please note that all meeting notes are subject to review and editing at the next available W.P.R.C. meeting.