Subject: Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
Minutes of the Annual Meeting
October 15, 2000

Officers Prersent: N3EJY, N3GPM, KR3P, N3QCR

Regular Members Present: N3MBR, W3CYO, N3WMV, N3XAR, K3KEM

N3EJY called the meeting to order at 1:45 PM.

N3QCR read the minutes of the July meeting. On motion by W3CYO/N3WMV the minutes were approved.

N3QCR reported that the balance in the checking account is $1468.54 and that there are 79 regular
members and 11 associate members. W3CYO/N3MBR moved to accept the treasurer's report. The
motion carried.

N3QCR presented a proposed budget of $1,100 for next fincal year November 1, 2000 - October 31,2001.
On motion by W3CYO/K3KEM the budget was approved.


N3QCR reported 2 items, one application for coordination and one ON AIR NOTICE.


KR3P reported that 65 items have been acted upon thus far in 2000.

7 Final Coordinations, 7 Initial Coordinations, 8 Proposed Coordinations, 30 Recoordinations
(7 WPA/23 Other), 9 Voided (Out of state), 9 On Hold (1 New), 1 OTA received, 0 Miscellaneous
(inquiries, surveys, etc.)

Joe also reported that an updated directory for the website will be e-mailed to KC3ET for
publications after todays meeting.


KR3P reported that there has been an election for 3 positions on the board of directors. Two
incumbent directors were re-elected and Dave Dond has been elected for the first time.


W3CYO reported that there is much information to be had on 6M spacing. Much is to be said about
a regional band plan. KR3P reported that one request for coordination is on held pending a
decision about spacing. N3EJY recommended that WPRC issue initial coordination, encouraging
500 KC split with the understading that WPRC is in the process of changing the band plan for
6 Meters and that the initial coordination may need to be changed down the road.


N3GPM requested information on the format of propagation studies. KR3P explained that the
problems arise from printing the reports because of detail. CD rom is a possibility. It was
determined by consensus that for those members who have requested and paid for studies the
information be given to them on CD rom.


KR3P asked for opinion from the members on Shared Non-Protected Repeaters (SNPR). These are
frequencies set aside for low power low profile repeaters that are put up with a coordinated
PL mandatory. N3EJY requested that KR3P, W3CYO, and N3WMV bring rules and regulations for this
new type of coordination to the January meeting for WPRC approval. It was suggested that such
rules and regulations include ERP limitations. W3CYO/K3KEM moved to reserve 223.800, 442.000,
920.000 and 1283.000 as SNPR frequencies and that these frequencies be listed in the repeater


N3EJY nominated N3QCR to serve as secretary/treasurer.

N3EJY nominated N3GPM to serve as chairman.

There being no further nominations for these two officers, the chair instructed the secretary
to cast a unanimous ballot for these positions.

N3EJY nominated N3WMV to serve as vice chairman. W3CYO nominated N3EJY to serve as vice
chairman. Ballots were distributed and counted. N3EJY was elected as vice chairman.


The next meeting of WPRC will be held on January 21, 2001. The president will attempt to
secure a location in the eastern part of WPRC territory with the back-up location in S. Strabane

There being no further business the meeting was adjorned at 3:15 PM on motion by W3CYO/N3WMV.

Respectfully submitted.

Mary A. Housholder, Secretary/Treasurer


These meeting notes do not become official until acted upon at the next meeting of WPRC.