21 July 2002

The WPRC meeting was called to order at 13:35 hours at the American Red Cross Building in
Altoona PA by WPRC Vice Chairman Denny N3EJY. Introductions were made all around.
Thanks were expressed to Lois Gutshall, WB3EFQ, for providing the meeting site.

K3CM, K3KDK, KE3DR, KB3ANT, N3LAD, KA3ZXC, WPRC board members: Frequency Coordinatior
Joe KR3P , Treasurer Bill N3BPB, Secretary Deb NV3B, and Vice Chairman Denny N3EJY.

Minutes of the April meeting were read. KE3DR motion to accept as read. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report was given. Motion to accept by K3CM, seconded N3XAR. Motion carried.

Coordination Report: It was noted there are 9 bad addresses on coordination items sent out.
N3EJY noted the FCC database was used for the addresses. If you didn't get your mail, then
you have a bad address with the FCC. Names of those with bad addresses were read. Since
the last meeting 35 items were acted upon. There were 15 Final Coordinations, 3 Initial
Coordinations, 3 Proposed Coordinations, 2 Recoordinations, 1 Voided Coordination and 6
Coordinations put on Hold. There were no On The Air notices received.

Technical Standards Committee - nothing to report

Membership - N3BPB discussed letter he recently sent out. He is trying to make people aware
of paying dues and being active in the organization.

KF4RMA had no new information regarding the coordination of the Saxonburg site. No information
has been provided for a propagation study.

It was noted the council is still unable to reach the K3PS repeater owner. KR3P has
information to bring up under New Business.


KR3P has received 3 coordination requests. Two are for K3PS repeaters and the 3rd is for
KA3YVT who is a silent key. The obituary was submitted with coordination as new repeater.
Since KR3P is unable to contact the original owners, he would like a vote from council to declare
these coordinations abandoned so as to proceed with new coordinations. It was noted K3PS
repeaters are now on the air as N3HAO, which caused some discussion why that call sign was used
instead of the trustee's call KE3DR. Motion to abandon coordination for K3PS and KA3YVT
made by K3CM, seconded by N3BPB. K3PS & KA3YVT have abandoned coordinations to facilitate
coordinations of applications for those frequencies. Motion carried. KE3DR to e-mail KR3P,
noting N3HAO as secondary trustee.

K3KDK is still showing as trustee on some repeaters he no longer belongs to. KR3P suggested
making corrections with new trustee information on survey and turning the form in. This will
allow the updating of the current coordination information.

K3CM has not received paperwork for N3HKK repeater. KR3P advised the paperwork would have
gone to W3SAY as trustee. Since the trustee is a silent key, K3CM will get the paperwork, and
make corrections.

K3KDK has pending paperwork for coordination originally submitted as KA3KDK. He'now has
club call and needs to revise his original coordination request. KR3P advised K3KDK as to
the proper WPRC forms to use to change the information originally submitted.

Brief discussion was held concerning requests for coordinations, mileage computations for
waivers, and the necessary forms/letters needed from a previous repeater trustee when the
repeater is sold. All information is based on the listed trustee of a repeater. If that trustee
becomes a silent key or sells the repeater, the WPRC must be notified promptly.

KR3P reported he has several items pending awaiting waivers. He has proposed that required
waivers be submitted with applications. If the necessary waivers aren't submitted with the
coordination information, then the application should be rejected until resubmitted correctly. Concern was raised about an applicant losing the requested frequency since they are given on a "first come first served" basis. It was suggested a time limit be set for responses. Currently applications are on hold for 6 months.

Discussion ensued about various time limits for holding paperwork. The applicant would be
responsible for requesting an extension, if needed, to get the waivers. After that time
elapsed, the application becomes null. The suggestion was also made to return the application
with a statement it needs waivers. The applicant must complete required information and must
be returned within the time frame. The same log in number originally assigned would then be
used for the corrected application.

It was noted the coordination forms state the application will be returned if incomplete.
A statement should be added stating waivers needed if a repeater on the same frequency is
within 120 miles, etc. KR3P will handle applications this way. He will also ensure the
website has the information about the need for waivers, etc.

KE3DR requested a membership list be put in next quarterly newsletter. The secretary will
attempt to do this. KD3SA questioned membership and who gets newsletter. At the present time,
the newsletter is being sent to all trustees included on the roster.

The importance of notifying WPRC of any changes made to the repeater coordinaton - whether
moved, shut down, changed, etc. - was mentioned.

The next meeting, which is the Annual meeting, will be October 20, 2002, to be held in the
Butler area.

N3BPB made motion to adjourn, seconded by N3XAR. Meeting adjourned at 15:15 hours.





Debra Crise NV3B


Minutes - 21 July 2002