Subject: Western Pennsyvania Repeater Council Meetings Notes-July 19, 2009
From: W.P.R.C. Secretary Barry Troutman N3TNA

The July 19, 2009 WPRC meeting was held at the Council of Governments building in State College, PA.
The meeting was called to order at 1340 by Chairman David Crise, N3GPM.
There were twelve (12) members present: W3WIV, K3CWP, AB3PJ, K3YV, K3KR, WA3FET, N3TNA

Minutes of previous meeting:
The minutes of the July 19, 2009 meeting were read. (Note: This should read "...July 19, 2009" should be "April 19, 2009")
Motion to approve the minutes as corrected was made by Barry N3TNA and seconded by Denny N3EJY.

Treasurer Report:
The Treasurers report was given by Denny N3EJY:
Ending balance as of April 19 was $1146.99
Income from dues: $90.00
Disbursements: None
12 month money market CD: $1032.75
Balance: $1236.99
Motion to approve the Treasurers Report was made by Barry N3TNA and seconded by Dave N3GPM

Frequency Coordinator Report:
The frequency coordinators report was given by Denny N3EJY
There were 20 items acted upon since the October meeting:
11 final coordination's, 2-WPA/9 other
0 Initial coordination's
4 voided (3 out of state)
00 OTA notifications
4 Denied (0 out of state)

Old Business: None

New Business:
Paul AB3P inquired about doing an audit of repeaters actually on the air.
Carmine K3CWP indicated a change of trustee for 146.850 and 146.760.
Jim WA3FET requested a check of the listed trustee for 145.450 and 443.650
Bill N3BPB suggested having a presentation on the D-STAR system at a future meeting.
Phil KE3EI discussed sending the newsletter by e-mail rather than postal mail. Postage accounts for a large
portion of money spent by the council. If possible, this could result in a reduction of the yearly dues.
The following motion was made by Denny N3EJY and a second by Ellwood K3YV:
"Effective January 1, 2010 the newsletter will normally be sent by e-mail unless specifically requested to be
received by US Mail. An article will be placed in the next newsletter commenting this change, requesting
notification be sent to the Secretary to receive the newsletter via US Mail."
Motion was approved by members present.

Charman Dave Crise N3GPM entertained nominations for the vacant postion of Secretary.
Barry N3TNA was nominated and approved by those members present.

Next Meeting:
The next WPRC meeting will be in Clarion, PA on October 18, 2009

Motion to adjourn was made at 1430 by Paul AB3P and seconded by Barry N3TNA

Please note that these meeting notes are subject to review and change at the next WPRC meeting.