Minutes of the Summer Meeting
July 18, 1999
Delmont Volunteer Fire Department
Delmont, PA

The summer meeting of WPRC was held at the Delmont VFD on July 18, 1999.

Denny (N3EJY) asked permission to record the proceedings of the meeting for
the purpose of transcription of the minutes. The recording of the
proceedings will then be destroyed after the minutes are transcribed.
Permission was granted by consensus of the voting members present.

N3EJY called the meeting to order at 1335 hours.

1) N3EJY requested introduction of those members present.

Board of Directors members present: N3EJY, N3GPM, KR3P, N3QCR, and KC3ET.

Regular Members present: N3MRU, N3MBR, N3LIF, N3WMV, N3XAR, W3CYO, N3FLR,

Guests present: N3DOL

2) On motion by W3CYO/N3MRU the following applications for membership
to WPRC were approved:

WA3RSP James Ferguson, representing the 53.290 repeater.
K3MD John Thompson, representing the 146.865 repeater.
K3SMT Sherm Gary, representing the 147.195 repeater.
N3KZ Jeff DePolo, representing the 443.700 repeater.
KA3IRT Bill Almasy, representing the 444.150, 442.450, 442.775, 145.450 Mhz

3) The minutes of the Spring Meeting (April 17, 1999) were approved on
motion by N3BPB/N3LIF.

4) The treasurer's report, showing a balance of $3131.28, was approved
on motion by W3CYO/N3WMV.


5) Joe (KR3P) indicated that since the last meeting there have been 25
items acted upon: 1 Final Coordination, 4 Initial Coordinations, 1 Proposed
Coordination, 14 Recoordinations (0 WPA/14 Other), 5 on hold.
1999 YTD: 66 Coordinations issued: 12 Final Coordinations, 7 Initial
Coordinations, 6 Proposed, 41 Recoordinations (10 WPA/31 Other). There are
35 Outstanding Items: 30 Awaiting On The Air Notices, 5 On Hold. All items
received have been acted upon.

6) NFCC. KR3P reported on the current process of election of 2 board
members for the NFCC. In answer to a question from N3FLR, it was stated that
WPRC has 3 votes based on population of the area.

7) N3BPB/W3CYO moved that the WPRC board of directors convene a meeting
to determine how the 3 votes should be cast for the open positions on the
NFCC board. The motion carried.

8) KR3P and the WPRC board of directors requested any comments or
information from the membership concerning choice of directors for NFCC.


9) N3EJY presented a concern from N3LLR concerning NWS EAS alerts
activating a special tone, tail message or weather announcement on various
repeaters. After considerable discussion, it was determined by consensus of
the members present that an article be written for the next newsletter and
the information also posted on the web page encouraging membership to write
to ARRL leadership in support of change in this portion of Part 97.

10) N3BPB brought up the issue of scheduling WPRC board meetings at
hamfests. It was determined that this issue will be discussed at the next
board of directors' meeting and the request will be given consideration.

11) N3EJY reported that the propagation software is in and that KR3P is
diligently working at learning to use it. N3PBP/W3CYO moved that the bill
in the amount of $2,535. for the software be paid out of WPRC funds. The
motion carried. KR3P shared propagation studies on several repeaters and
discussion of the software continued.

12) KR3P encouraged all repeater owners to make sure they report any
changes (CALL SIGN, TRUSTEE, ADDRESS, ETC) to WPRC so that our database can
be kept up to date.

13) The next meeting will be October 17 at the Emergency Operations Center
in Brookville. This is the annual meeting and election of officers will take

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1442 on motion

Respectfully submitted,

Mary A. Housholder, N3QCR
Please note that these minutes are subject to review and change by W.P.R.C.
members at the next W.P.R.C. meeting.