The July 17, 2011 quarterly meeting of the WPRC was held at the Somerset county Hamfest. The meeting was called to order at 13:30 hours.

Those present for the meeting were: Paul Bidzilya, AB3PJ, Charles Gessner, W3ON, Andy Pato, WA3PBD, Denny McElhaney, N3EJW, aul Plants, N3MV, Joe McElhaney, KR3P,Sam Mayberry, W3CYO, Bill Kristoff, N3BPB, Jim Klingensmith, N3M, Carolyn Klingensmith, N3ZLF, Rich Soltest, K3SOM, Jim Crowley,NJ3T.

Meeting minutes from the April 2011meeting were read. Motion by W3YO, second by WA3PBD, to accept the minutes asamended. Motion carried on voice vote.

Tresuer Report: Ending balance April 17, 2011 $2097.14
Total receipts 513.30
Sub total $2610.44

Disbursements: Scott Neader, website 50.00
Paul Bidzilya, postage 44.00
Total disbursement 94.00
Checking balance $2516.44

12 month CD at Huntindon Bank $1048.24
CD has automatically renewed on May 5, 2011 Interest rate of 1.5%, yeilding aprox $15.72 per year
Per quarter estimate of interest 3.93
Aproximate value $1052.07
Total checking and CD funds $3568.51

Frequency Coordinator report:
Since Last MTG:               2011 YTD:
66 Items acted on total               107 Items acted on total
----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
27 Final Coordination's     42 Final Coordination's
(06-WPA / 21-OOS)      (09-WPA / 33-OOS)
06 Initial Coordination's     10 Initial Coordination's
06 Proposed Coordination's     12 Proposed Coordination's
17 Cancelled (09 WPA / 08 OOS) 30 Cancelled (14 WPA/ 16 OOS)
03 OTA Received                04 OTA Received
07 DENIED (05 WPA / 02 OOS) 09 DENIED (6 WPA / 3 OOS)

The 10 year update for the repeater coordination's will begin late 2011, early 2012.

KR3P discussed the reasons an application or modification may be denied.

Membership Committee: N3BPB reported no new updates for his sub committee.

Old business: 146.865 repeater move to western pa, mercer county initial coordination has been issued as Ohio responded to WPRC notice with no objections per the propogation study.

KA3RFA, who is now a silent key, had no alternate or back up trustees listed on his 440 repeaters. Motion by N3BPB, second by W3CYO, to proceed with the forced transfer to N3ZJM . Motion carried on voice vote. W3GJS will be trustee of the 443.825 repeater. All matters with KA3RFA's repeaters are now settled.

Motion by N3BPB, second by W3CYO, to proceed with the forced transfer of the 145.310 repeater to W3GJS. Motion carried on voice vote.

KR3P noted for the record, the registered letter sent to KE3ED, was received and signed by Anthony Petrocelli. No response was ever received.

New Business: N3EJY discussed the question of how the WPRC funds are used. It was noted that the WPRC pays for the mail box for delivery of mail, mail forwarding, postage for the mail to be sent to the appropriate members upon receipt, and logging by the secretary. The WPRC also will be incurring a substantial postage expense for the upcoming audit of repeaters on record later this year. The WPRC also pays when requested, for copy paper and other office needs by various officers to conduct business.

Membership application changes discussed. Motion by N3BPB, second by W3CYO to remove the line with "trustee" on it. Motion carried on voice vote.

KR3P discussed the original application by K3MI for a 440 repeater pair. The application was approved, but due to location issues, K3MI was advised to submit a new application for the new location, which he has since done. The new location also will be short spaced to a co-channel user. KR3P noted that with the propogation software, short spacing will work, and no interference should occur. Motion by N3BPB, second by W3CYO, to grant the coordination based on the software results. Motion carried on voice vote.

KR3P noted he receive an application from Chester Scholl for a coordination, log number 2688, 147.150. Due to the signiture being not legible, it was asked by KR3P if he could then place a call to KB3GRF as to the signiture being his. Two phone numbers supplied by Chester Scholl were tried, with no response. KR3P will continue to attempt contaat to KB3GRF.

KR3P discussed the current 900 mhz band plan used by the WPRC. After brief discussion, Motion by W3CYO, second by N3ZJM, to adopt the same band plan as surrounding states use, with 25mhz splits. Motion carried on voice vote.

KR3P discussed the 146.895 repeater with N2EVA as trustee of record. Since the WPRC did receive and review Ron's death notice, it was motioned by W3CYO, second by N3BPB, to go with the transfer to N3HZB, with N2EVA's call to remain. Motion carried on voice vote.

The status of the 146.70 repeater in the Huntindon Valley area, W3ON noted he is still awaiting clarification on the status of the repeater as WB3CJB is now a silent key. WPRC is expected to have this settled soon.

AB3PJ noted per N3EJY question, that the propogation study software has not been received from Phil Heck as of yet. AB3PJ will send a letter asking for it to be returned.

147.375 repeater in Johnstown is currently off the air due to site location loss. NJ3T will submit a site modification application for the new site which is to be at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown location.

Next meeting of the WPRC will be at the Butler County 911 center at 13:30 hours.

Motion by N3BPB, second by NJ3T to adjourn the meetin. Motion carried on voice vote.

Please note that these notes are subject to review and modification at the next WPRC meeting.

Subimtted by Paul Bidzilya AB3PJ
WPRC Secretary