Subject: Western Pa Repeater Council Meeting Notes - July 15, 2007

The July 15 2007 meeting was held in State College at the New Council of Government
building. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Chairman David Crise N3GPM.
There were twelve (12) members present who were W3WIV, KE3EI, N3GPM, KR3P,
N3EJY, KC3PD, K3YV, K3CWP, N3BPB, K3BOB, K3KR and W3JXP. Greetings and
introductions were made around the room.

The minutes of the April 15th meeting were read by N2EVA, Ron, Secretary.
Motion to approve by W3JXP and second by KE3EI..

Treasurer's Report: by N3EJY, Denny
Ending balance April 15th, 2007 $978.10
Total Receipts $130.00
Total Income: $1,108.10

Total Disbursements
Check #538 UPS Mailbox -- $254.00
Check #540 Ron, N2EVA Cartridge, Postage, Paper $133.77
Total $387.77
Balance July 15th 2007 -- $720.33
6 Month Money Market CD (5/08) Income from CD-Rolled Over $12.50--$1012.50
Motion to accept by K3CWP and seconded by N2EVA

Frequency CoOrdinators Reprt by Joe KR3P:
Since last meeting 46 items acted on 29 Final Coords. (2-WPA/27-Other)
03 Initial Coords, 01 Proposed Coord, 3 Voided (0 Out of State), 4 OTA Received
6 Denied (2 Out of State). As of 7/15/07 (today) all items received have been acted
upon except one we will do today. Motion to accept by K3KR, seconded by K3BOB.

New Business:
N3BPB (Bill) brought up subject of $200.00 being put in budget to cover cost of after
meeting snacks instead of several members paying out of pocket. No action take at
this time.

Denny (N3EJY) brought up subjectof dues increase to $15.00 to cover our rising cost
of supplies and postage. No action taken at this time until input from rest of members received.

KR3P (Joe) The repeater on 147.360 with call AK3R who is a silent key has been taken over
by new group and until proper paper work received request the council to void the present
co-ord of this repeater. All members present voted to void.

Motion to Adjour by K3YV and seconded by KE3EI. Adjourned at 2:45 PM by
N3GPM Dave Crise, Chairman.

Please note that these notes are subject to review at the next scheduled W.P.R.C. meeting.