Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
April 23, 2006 Meeting Notes

The April 23rd meeting was held at the firehouse in Pancake Pa. Present at the meeting was
for a total of 12. Greetings and introductions were made around the room. The meeting was called to
order by N3GPM at 2:00pm due to the hall not being open till this time.
Minutes of the 01/15/06 were read by N2EVA Ron.
Motion to approve, N3HZV Dave, Second by KA3HUK Larry

Treasurers report: N3EJY Denny: Beginning balance Jan. 15 2006 $2,726.39. Income $590.00
Disbursements: UPS Store $339.00 Postage and paper N3EVA $39.63 & $84.80 Total of $453.43
Balance as of April 23, 2006 $2852.96 Motion to Approve Ron N2EVA and second by N3WMV Paul

Freq. Coord Report: KR3P Joe. Since last meeting 32 items acted on 27 final coord. 01 Initial coord
01 OTA. 01 Denied. As of  4/23/06 All items received have been acted on. Motion to approve N3EJY
and second by N2EVA.

Old Business: N3GPM to KR3P Info on progress made regarding Butler repeater coordination
KA3HUK (Larry) wanting freq. For Butler group. Nothing done.

New Business: Joe KR3P All Forms need to be filled out completely and correctly and to be mailed
to the WPRC mailbox address. Email items are items that do not require a signature, change in call pl
tones, etc. Send all Email items to WPRC e-mail address and not direct to BOD members.

Phil (KE3EI) brought up study he made of the Milage spacing requirements of the Repeater councils
that adjoin us. He gave copies of this to all present and made recommendation being that we are the
only ones different we should adjust so everyone played by the same set of rules. Denny (N3EJY) Thought
the Ohio website was wrong so he was given duty to verify what Ohio guidelines are and report his
findings at the July WPRC meeting.

Motion to adjourn made at 3:00pm by Barry (N3TNA) and 2nd by Clyde (N3JXG).