Subject: Minutes of the April 22, 2001 Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council

Officers Present: N3EJY, N3QCR, KR3P
Regular Members Present: N3MBR, N3WMV, N3XAR, W3CYO, N3LLR, NV3B, N5NWC.
Associate Members Present: N3NWL

N3EJY called the meeting to order at 1:42 PM.

On motion by W3CYO/N3LLR the minutes of the Winter Meeting (January 21, 2001) were approved.

N3QCR reported that the balance in the checking account is $1.491.54 and that the membership as of
April 22, 2001 is 54 regular members and 4 associate members. W3CYO/N3LLR moved to accept the
Treasurer's report. Motion carried.


N3QCR reported most of the correspondence since the last meeting has been membership renewals.
Prior to the beginning of today's meeting there were two applications for frequency coordination


KR3P submitted his report for the year 2000. 84 items were acted on (52-new): 8 final coordinations,
9 initial coordinations, 9 proposed coordinations, 52 re-coordinations (7 WPA/23 other), 3 voiced (all of
of state), 9 on hold (1 new), 3 OAT received.

KR3P also submitted his report for this year (2001): 18 items acted on total (11 new), 2 final coordinations
1 initial coordination, 9 re-coordinations (2 WPA/7 Other), 3 voided (1 out of state), 11 on hold (2 new,
1 link and 1 any frequency), 3 miscellaneous inquiries (1 resent/2 new holds).


N3EJY and KR3P reported that the interference problem with the repeater in Ohio and the N3GLY
repeater has been resolved. Restrictions have been removed and WA3IOU, trustee of the repeater,
has been issued a new coordination.


W3CYO reported that the meeting at which Riley Hollingsworth was present at the Blue Flame restaurant
in April was excellent. Mr. Hollingsworth encouraged membership in ARRL and was very much to the point
and very informative.

Shared Non Protected Repeater Systems (SPR.)
W3CYO submitted a draft document and requested input from the council. Much discussion incurred
concerning Maximum ERP, HAAT, and antenna height above local ground. Frequency pairs were
discussed: 222.2/223.8, 447.0/442.0, 920.0/908.0, 1283.0/1295.0, 147.0/146.4. W3CYO and N3WMV will
continue work on this proposed policy statement and will report to the next meeting.

Decline in membership was discussed and by consensus it was agreed that a notice be sent to all
trustees of coordinated reports informing them of the collection period of WPRC dues.

The council discussed the problem of persons who have applied for and received initial coordination
but have not sent On Air Notice to WPRC. These persons have not completed the coordination process
so that they may receive FINAL coordination. Some of these items were received initial coordination
in 1994. WPRC policy states that an applicant has 6 months from the date of initial coordination, with an
option to extend, to get their repeater up an running and to inform WPRC that they are on the air. This
continues to be a problem for WPRC.

N3EJY/N3XAR moved that notices be sent to all persons with outstanding initial coordinations indicating
what is needed to complete their coordinations and that the applicant has 30 days from the date of
this meeting (April 22, 2001) to supply the information or their coordination will be considered vacant.
The motion carried.


The next meeting of WPRC will be held on July 15 at the Blue Flame Restaurant, Route 51 south
of the Century 3 Mall, pending contact with W3IOU.

Their being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m. on moth by W3CYO/N3LLR.

Respectfully submitted.

Mary A. Housholder, Secretary/Treasurer

Please note that these meeting notes do not become official and are thus subject to change, until voted
upon at the next WPRC meeting.