April 19, 1998
Brookville, PA

The spring meeting of WPRC was held at the 911 Center in Brookville on
April 19, 1998.

Denny (N3EJY) asked permission to record the proceedings of the meeting for
the purpose of transcription of the minutes. The recording of the proceedings
will then be destroyed after the minutes are transcribed. Permission was
granted by consensus of the voting members present.

N3EJY called the meeting to order at 1333 hrs.

1) N3EJY requested introduction of those members present.





2) N3EJY presented new applications for membership to WPRC as follows:
N3LIF, R.Kern - Regular Membership; AK3R, Scott Wood - Regular Membership;
K3CFY, LeRoy Hipple - Regular Membership; KA3VOR, Tony Alivar (Uniontown ARC) -
Regular Membership; WN3M, Herbert Elletson - Associate Membership; KA3NEW,
John Wyland - Associate Membership; N3FQG, Kelly McGuire - Associate Membership.
WA3HDK/N3MIY moved to seat new members. The motion carried.

3) The minutes of the Winter Meeting (January 18, 1998) were read and
approved by consensus.

4) The treasurer's report was given by Chuck (KC3ET), showing a balance
of $2,338.77 in the treasury. Chuck also reported that WPRC membership in 1998
is 73 regular memberships, 20 associate memberships, and 117 repeaters
represented. The treasurer's report was approved on motion by W3CYO/N3GPM.




5) Joe (KR3P) indicated that since the last meeting there have been 119
coordination items acted upon: 3 on hold, 1 voided, 30 initial coordination, 2
final coordination, 5 re-coordinations. 97 were out of state items, (95 from
Ohio). This is a record high for the number of items presented for action to
WPRC. All items received have been acted upon.
6) KR3P reported that there was a problem with coordination procedures in
OARC. Communication has occurred between WPRC and OARC and the situation
seems to be under control. N3LLR requested clarification of the situation.
N3EJY requested that WPRC request a standard packet of information that OARC
sends to persons seeking coordination from that entity. The dialogue

7) KR3P reported on the status of a national APRS frequency on 144.39 and
informed the membership of the discussion among the coordinators concerning
establishment of a national 6M APRS frequency;

8) KR3P requested that a line be added to the application forms in which
the applicant could list his/her e-mail address;

9) KR3P reported on the progress of the NFCC. A rules committee has been
established to develop rules for e-mail meetings and voting procedures and a
motion to establish a web page is being discussed via e-mail at this time.

10) KR3P presented 4 items to the secretary to be mailed:

98-011, WA3VRD, Bert Desanzo, response to inquiry status of 442.325;

98-012, N3QZU, Dennis Kifer, final frequency coordination 51.78;

98-013, WB3LUC, Pat Pallini, final frequency coordination 145.17;

98-014, N3SFJ, Russel Franek, final frequency coordination 146.64



N3EJY addressed outstanding items from the January meeting.

1) Concerning location of meetings: According to the WPRC Constitution
(Article VI, Section 2, item d.) "Location: In the determination of the
location of the meetings by the association every effort should be made
to rotate the location so as to equalize the travel distance and
convenience of the representatives of member organizations."

2) Concerning the motion to remove the board of directors: According to
Roberts Rules of Order, that motion must be made in writing, presented at a
meeting, and must be presented to the entire membership, voted upon with a 2/3
majority to carry. Therefore that motion has been dismissed.

3) Interference complaint brought by N3GPM on the 147.075 is being
addressed by WPRC with SERA.

4) The standard waiver form is still being developed.


The two parties met at the Monroeville Hamfest. N3EJY, KC3ET and KR3P
were present from the WPRC. An tentative agreement was made that each will
belong to each other's organization, they will have the capability of codes and
will operate under the parameters of each organization.

A 15 minute time out timer will be in operation on the GFMA system.
If no one is using that system, it will automatically shutdown after 15

WPRC has agreed to formulate a letter of agreement and present to both

6) N3GPM has agreed to issue a waiver on the 443.375.



1) N3EJY brought up the subject of reducing the spacing required for
co-channel repeaters from 120 miles to 100 miles. W3CYO endorsed the 100 mile
limit and suggested that the 1.2 GHZ and 900 MHZ be brought lower. N3EJY
requested information on standards from surrounding councils.

2) N3EJY appointed W3CYO, N3GPM, KR3P and N3MRU to serve on a Technical
Committee to bring suggestions on this matter to WPRC.

3) N3EJY renewed his request to purchase the software to provide propagation
studies for WPRC.

4) KR3P reported on the results of the efforts of trying to update and
keep that database up to date. In 1987 data received from predecessor: 148 WPA
repeaters coordinated, 78 were missing complete coordinates, and 66 of those
had no coordinates listed; in 1994, of the 262 WPA repeaters coordinated, 34
were missing complete coordinates, and 22 of those had no coordinates listed;
and in 1998, of the 278 systems coordinated, only 9 were missing complete
coordinates and al included at least partial coordinates.

The importance of keeping WPRC informed of changes in repeater systems
was stressed.

5) N3RNY addressed the council on the issue of coordination of their
442.800 repeater. He requested information on the procedures and time limits
of preliminary coordination.
KR3P suggested that N3RNY obtain a waiver from the owner of the
adjacent frequency that is coordinated 6 air miles from the 442.800. N3EJY
clarified the current policy concerning on air notices.

6) WN3VAW brought up the subject of listings in the ARRL repeater
directory. It was agreed by consensus that listing in the repeater directory
be submitted after final coordination is issued, not when initial coordination
is issued as is the present policy. The soon to be released directory will
not reflect this change due to the fact that the material for printing has
already been submitted.

7) WN3VAW inquired about final coordination on the W3YJ repeater on
444.75. It was determined that final coordination had been issued under the
call sign WA3TBL on 6/23/93. Shortly after the submission of that coordination
a new board and frequency coordinator were seated and this was probably one of
the items lost in the transition.

8) KC3ET requested any information on requests for equipment for the
codger system on which the WPRC web page is located.

9) N3EJY announced the location of the Summer meeting - July 19 - Delmont
VFD Rte 22 and Rte 66 at 1:30 p.m.

10) KR3P again stressed the importance of keeping WPRC informed of changes
in your system(s).

N3EJY adjourned the meeting at 1527hrs.

Respectfully submitted,
N3QCR Mary A. Housholder, Secretary


Please note that these minutes do not become a part of the offical record
until voted upon at the next meeting of the council.