It is sad to announce that Ron Cyphert, N2EVA became a silent key on July 2, 2009. Ron
will certainly be missed by all of his friends in WPRC.

Subject: Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council Meeting Notes - April 19, 2009

The January 2009 WPRC meeting was cancelled due to weather conditions.

The April 19, 2009 WPRC meeting was held at the Mercer 911 Center.
The meeting was called to order at 1330 by Chairman David Crise, N3GPM.
There were fifteen (15) members present: N3GPM, KE3EI, N3EJY, KR3P, N2EVA, AB3PJ,

Mintues of previous meeting:
The minutes of the October meeting were read.
Motion to approve the minutes was made by Ron, N2EVA and seconded by Barry, N3TNA.

Treasurer Report:
Denny, N3EJY gave the following report:
Ending balance as of January 18 was $944.99
Income from dues: $202.00
Disbursements: None
12 month money market CD: $1012.50
Balance: $1146.99
Motion to approve the Treasurers report was made by Barry, N3TNA and seconded by Ron, N2EVA

Frequency Coordinator Report:
The frequency coordinators report was give by Joe, KR3P.
There were 47 items acted upon since the October meeting:
19 final coordinaton's, 4-WPA/15 other
0 Initial coordination's
3 proposed coordination's
00 proposed coordination's
9 voided (7 out of state)
2 OTA notifications

Old Business
Joe, KR3P mentioned that the WPRC embossing stamp had been received. Denny, N3EJY
mentioned using security paper as a mean to ensure co-ordination paperwork could not be falsified
or altered.
New Business
Joe, KR3P mentioned problems with the ComStudy software.
Denny, N3EJY made a motion to purchase a replacement disc at a cost not to exceed $100.00 if a
free replacement could not be acquired. Paul, N3WMV seconded the motion.
A discussion was held regarding the mileage spacing of repeaters.

Next Meeting
The next WPRC meeting will be State College, PA on July 19, 2009

Motion to adjourn was made at 1445 by Denny, N3EJY and seconded by Barry, N3TNA

Please note that these meeting notes are are subject to change at the next WPRC meeting.