Minutes of the Spring Meeting
April 18, 1999
Bradford Public Library
Bradford, PA

The spring meeting of WPRC was held at the Bradford Public Library on April
18, 1999.

Denny (N3EJY) asked permission to record the proceedings of the meeting for
the purpose of transcription of the minutes. The recording of the
proceedings will then be destroyed after the minutes are transcribed.
Permission was granted by consensus of the voting members present.

N3EJY called the meeting to order at 1405 hours.

1) N3EJY requested introduction of those members present.

Board of Directors members present: N3EJY, N3GPM, N3QCR. KC3ET was excused
due to his participation in the 2 Rivers Hamfest.

Regular Members present: N3LLR, N3MBR, WN3M, N3WRJ

Associate Members present: N3NWL

2) Applications for membership to WPRC were presented:

N3WRJ Alexander Quirk, representing the 147.000 repeater (KB3BOE)
WA3VRD Bert DeSanzo, representing the 146.625 repeater (WA3VRD)
W1RIM John Duda, representing the 147.375 repeater (WB3DWL)
WA3HDK Robert Bair, representing the 147.090 and 444.800 repeaters (W3YXE)
WB2GZM Andrew Hardy, representing the 224.920 repeater (WB2GZM)
W3SYV Reldon Cooper, representing the 443.200 repeater (W3SYV)
WN3M Herbert Elletson, representing the 443.375 repeater (WN3M)
N3RNX Peter Cole, representing the 146.955 repeater (N3RNX)
WB3KFO Gary Laska, representing the 51.620 repeater (WB3KFO)
K3LL Cliff Frescura, representing the 147.360 repeater (W3UDX)

The memberships were accepted by consensus of the members present.

3) The minutes of the Winter Meeting (January 17, 1999) were approved on
motion by N3LLR/N3MBR noting to corrections in the report of the Coordination
Committee. The last sentence in the first paragraph should read: "This
brings us to a total of 177 coordinations issued by WPRC." And second
sentence of the second paragraph should read: "For 1999, there have been 9
coordinations issued thus far, which means that we are on a pace of action
on a potential of over 200 items, which again would be a record high."

4) The treasurer's report was read by N3EJY showing a balance of $3021.28
in the treasury. The treasurer's report was approved on motion by N3LLR/WN3M.

Committee Reports


5) Joe (KR3P) indicated that since the last meeting there have been 53
items acted upon: 10 Final Coordinations, 2 Initial Coordinations, 3 Proposed
Coordinations, 22 Recoordinations (6 WPA/ 16 Other), 5 On Hold, 1 OTA
Received, 10 Miscellaneous (inquiries, surveys, etc.) 1999 YTD: 46
Coordinations issued: 11 Final Coordinations, 3 Initial Coordinations, 5
Proposed, 27 Recoordinations (10 WPA/17 Other). There are 35 Outstanding
Items: 1 Awaiting Final Coordination (in 90 day trial period), 3 Proposed
Coordinations Pending, 26 Awaiting OTA Notices, 5 On Hold. All items
received have been acted upon.

N3EJY opened discussion on several items of Old Business including RCA
appointments and a brief description of the duties and qualifications, the
NFCC/ARRL PRM which was voted down by the ARRL BOD at their meeting in
January, and the designated frequencies for mobile cross band repeaters.

There was extended discussion to the requirement for mobile cross band
repeaters to ID. N3GPM will contact Kevin Custer (W3KKC) for information on
the ruling he received from FCC on this subject.


Query was made by N3NWL concerning options for obtaining coordination on a
2M frequency. N3EJY advised of several options available and that hopefully
in the near future the propagation study software recently purchased will be
of great assistance to WPRC in determining the spacing for coordinations.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned on motion by

Respectfully submitted,

Mary A. Housholder, N3QCR

Please note that these meeting notes do not become official until they are
reviewed or revised at the next regular meeting of the council.