Subject: WPRC January 20, 2008 Meeting Notes

The meeting at Washington was held on Jan. 20th and there were 12 members present. Those were KR3P,
meeting was brought to order by Vice-Chairman Phil Heck KE3EI due to illness of Dave N3GPM at 1:30 PM.
Greetings and introductions made around the room. Minutes of the October meeting which was held at the 911
center in Clarion were read by secretary Ron N2EVA for approval. N3TNA motion to accept and second by
Paul N3WMV. Motion carried.

Treasurers Report: The Treasurer Denny, N3EJY, reported starting balance of $789.33, receipts of
$370.00 from dues and donations for a subtotal of $1159.33. Paid Out, Check #536 $60.16 to N3TNA for
refreshments, Check #542 $41.00 and #543 for stamps, ink, and mailing labels to Ron N2EVA
which total $211.10; leaving a balance of $948.23 and 12 Month Money Market CD (5/08) $1012.50. Motion to
approve by Sam W3CYO and Ron N2EVA seconded. Motion carried.

Frequency Coordinators Report: For the year 2007 a new record of 137 repeaters Coordinated this
is over 40% from prev. record. Since last meeting a total of 48 items acted on. 19 final co-ord (2 WPA/17 other)
3 initial co-ord, 4 proposed, 13 voided (7 out of state), 0 OTA received, 9 denied (5 out of state) as
of 1/20/08 all items acted upon.

Old Business: Further discussion with Bill N3BPB on their D Star repeater system. Increase in dues
has resulted in one (1) complaint from member that never comes to meetings.

New Business: Joe KR3P, our Frequency Coordinator, brought up if body would approve coordination
standards change. Those present voted yes. Changes will be posted on website or mailed upon request.
Next item was Bill N3BPB, made motion to approve 1 MHz split on 6 meters, 2nd by Paul N3WMV. All
present voted yet. Motion carried.

Motion made by Barry N3TNA to adjourn and 2nd by Ron N2EVA. Meeting adjourned 2:45 PM by Phil

Submitted for corrections or approval.

Ron N2EVA, Secretary

Please note that all meeting notes are subject to review and editing at the next available W.P.R.C. meeting.