20 January 2002


N3GPM Dave Crise called the meeting to order at 1335 hours.

The Chair asked those present to introduce themselves.
KA3ZLR Jack Dayton is a new member.

Minutes from the 21 October meeting were approved as read.
Motion to accept the minutes by K3KEM, seconded by N3MBR.

N3BPB did not have Treasurer's report, as he is still in the process of
getting the Treasurer's office set up and organized. N3BPB will have
a report at the next meeting.

No organized report on correspondence.

W3CYO noted that changes have been made to the SNPR document. Vote to be
held today.

KR3P reported 19 items acted on since last meeting: 1 final coordination,
3 initial coordinations, 4 recoordinations, 2 items voided, 7 items on hold,
2 "On The Air" notices received, and 24 miscellaneous items were handled.


WA3IOU commented he has not seen paperwork on removal of the waiver from his
repeater. The paperwork was finalized in April 2000. Another copy will be
sent to him.

SNPR document was discussed. However, since a copy of the document with
updated language was not available, the vote on the SNPR was tabled to next

An inquiry was made about the form for propagation requests. The new form
will be put in the next newsletter. It is still in development.

N3WMV has started working with propagation program. He has found that we
need to have accurate data before we can plot. He has found at least 9
repeaters that are 4-12 miles off from where they claim to be.


N3GPM inquired about the annual donation to Al Waller K3TKJ for QSL.net.
It was noted it has not been sent to date. N3BPB made motion to send $25
to QSL.net, seconded by WA3IOU. Motion carried.

The need to send out mailing to all trustees concerning accurate information
on coordinations was discussed. KR3P stressed the need to get accurate
information and make sure repeaters are actually "on air." Approximately
10 years ago, the information was updated for the repeaters. KR3P intends
to send each trustee a copy of the paperwork originally submitted for
current verification. The notice will include a statement that not
providing accurate coordination confirmation could result in another
repeater being coordinated on that frequency. Suggestion also made to
include a WPRC application and notation that WPRC is a non-profit
organization. A deadline should be set up. N3EJY suggested sending a
mailing rather than use e-mail. K3KEM made motion to do mailing through
U.S. Mail, seconded by WA3IOU. Question on the motion: When repeater
information was updated in 1994, what was the response? It was noted that
there was more than 50% response. Motion carried.

N3BPB requested approval to send Mailboxes, Etc. more money and request mail
bbe forwarded more often than every 2 weeks. N3BPB will send more money to
Mailboxes, Etc.

KR3P noted a change needed made to the band plan on the website for 6 meters.
52.66 should now be 52.56. KC3ET to handle.

KC3ET commented that the dues structure should have been voted on at annual
meeting. K3BPB made motion to keep dues at $10.00 for 2002, seconded by
WA3IOU. Motion Carried

KR3P noted that applications for coordinations are held until waivers are
approved or someone else demands the frequency. He would like to see
waivers submitted with applications. It was pointed out that people
requesting coordination aren't always aware they need a waiver until the
application is submitted.

KA3ZLR offered his services to physically go locate repeaters. N3GPM noted
that Regional Coordination Assistants should help. KA3ZLR will work with
KR3P on locating repeaters. N3FLR also volunteered to assist.

KR3P would like to consider establishing technical standards as guidelines
for repeaters. He will check with other organizations on their procedures
and will report at the next meeting.

N3BPB has not yet received CD on repeater propagation for his club. WA3IOU
has not received his either. Paul N3WMV will get these done ASAP.

NEXT MEETING: 21 April 2002. N3EJY will verify if the 911 Center in Mercer,
PA will be available.

N3EJY moved to adjourn, seconded by WA3IOU Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 1455 hours.

Debra Crise NV3B

Please note that these meeting notes do not become official and are thus
subject to change, until voted upon at the next WPRC meeting.