Meeting Minutes of the Jan. 16th 2005 Meeting

The quarterly meeting was held at the 911 center in Butler. There were 12 members present. Two
new memberships were accepted. Introductions were made around the room. Those present were

Meeting was called to order by Chariman David Crise. The two new membership applications were
from N3HZV and KF3RMA. Motion to approve made by Kevin KF3RMA, 2nd: Denny W3EJY. Reading
of the prev. meeting minutes by Ron N2EVA, motion to approve N3TNA, 2nd: W3EJY.

Treasurer's Report:
Paul N3WMV. Starting balance was $2741.04. Dues and donations deposited
for total of $2801.04. Disbursements were $129.95 for printer and $180.00 for UPS Store
Mailbox. This left total as of 01/06/05 $2491.09. Motion to accept by W3EJY and 2nd: W3CYO.

Joe, KR3P made the following Freq. Co-od report
Since last MTG: 27 items acted on. 80 items total in 2004. 8 this year to date.
22 Final coord, (04-WPA/18 others)/01 Initial coord/02 Proposed coord /02 voided (00 out of
start)/00 OTA Received/02 Denied (New Category). As of this year 8 items acted on which were
final coords (.00(PA/08-others). As of 01/16/05 all items received have been acted upon.

Old Business:
All Non-responders to the repeater survey will be sent certified-restricted mail to address of
trustee as listed with the FCC. Those that do not respond to this final notification by April 1st
will lose the coordination for that freq. Said freq. shall be open for recordination to any
pending coord. application for that freq. which meets the quidelines of WPRC. Joe KR3P stated
the postage would be aprox. $277.00. All members present were in favor of strictly enforcing
this and all other requirements of the WPRC that repeater trustees accept when they are granted a
co-ord. Motion made by N3TNA and 2nd by W3CYO to authorize sending out final notice and Joe KR3P
to be issued check to cover postage. All present agreed and motion carried.

Meeting had been called to order at 1:45 PM by Chairman David Crise, N3GPM.

Meeting made to adjourn at 3:12 PM by N2EVA and seconded by N3EJY.

Meeting adjorned.

New Business:

Respectfully submitted

Ron Cyphert Secretary N2EVA

Please note that these meeting notes are subject to editing and approval at the next
regular WPRC meeting.