WPRC Quarterly Communication
Volume 00 Number 2, April 2000
WPRC, PMB 173, 10592 Perry Highway, Wexford, PA 15090-9244
WPRC E-mail: wprc@qsl.net
WPRC news server: wprcnews@bfdin.com
WPRC web: http://www.qsl.net/wprc

Chairman: Denny McElhaney N3EJY - Vice Chairman: Dave Crise N3GPM
Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Housholder N3QCR - Frequency Coordinator: Joe McElhaney KR3P

Meeting Location

Due to the fact that our next meeting date falls on Palm Sunday and the fact that a suitable
date within a couple of weeks of the April 16 date could not be found, the spring meeting
is cancelled.

The next meeting of the Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council will take place on July 16th,
location TBA.

Treasurer's Corner

Checking Account Balance: $1373.54 (April 4, 2000)

MEMBERSHIP: Regular Members: 72 Associate Members: 8

Minutes of the Winter Meeting
January 16, 2000 South Strabane VFD Pancake Hill

The winter meeting of WPRC was held at the South Strabane VFD Pancake Hill on
January 16, 2000.

Denny (N3EJY) asked permission to record the proceedings of the meeting for the
purpose of transcription of the minutes. The recording of the proceedings will
then be destroyed after the minutes are transcribed. Permission was granted by
consensus of the voting members present.

N3EJY called the meeting to order at 1342 hours.

1) N3EJY requested introduction of those members present.
Board of Directors members present: N3EJY, N3GPM, KR3P, N3QCR
Regular Members present: N3FLR, N3LIF, N3MBR, W3CYO, N3WMV, N3MRU, N3RNX, K3KEM, KC3ET, WA3IOU.
Guests present: KB3CYA, N3UML

2) The minutes of the Annual Meeting (October 17, 1999) were read by N3EJY and approved on
motion by WA3IOU/W3CYO.

3) The treasurer's report, showing a balance of $918.14, was approved on motion by W3CYO/N3WMV.


4) Joe (KR3P) indicated that since the last meeting there have been 47 items acted upon:
4 Final Coordinations, 2 Initial Coordinations, 3 Proposed Coordinations, 23 Recoordinations
(1 WPA/22 Other), 8 on hold, 2 OTA received, 5 miscellaneous inquiries, surveys, etc.
1999: 114 Coordinations issued: 15 Final Coordinations, 8 Initial Coordinations, 7 Proposed,
84 Recoordinations (11 WPA/73 Other). There are 35 Outstanding Items: 1 Awaiting Final
Coordination (90 day period), 1 Proposed Coordination Pending, 25 Awaiting OTA Notices, 8 On
hold. 2000 to date: 4 Coordinations Issued: 2 Final Coordinations, 1 Initial coordination,
2 Proposed Coordinations. All items received have been acted upon except 1 6M application
which will be brought up later for advisement of council.


5) KR3P reported that nothing of note has been acted upon.


W3CYO reported on proposal of the committee to reduce spacing from 120 miles to 100 miles
on 440 and higher bands. N3EJY elected to move this item to NEW BUSINESS


Denny requested clarification on a request for coordination of mobile temporary repeaters.
By consensus the council stated "we do not coordinate mobile temporary repeaters."

WA3IOU requested an update on interference complaint 442.825. KR3P and N3EJY reported that
a solution is in the works. Discussion of neighboring coordination entities ensued.


There was discussion concerning the proposal of the Band Plan Committee. N3GPM suggested the
development of alternate PL tones for each quadrant of our territory. KR3P voiced his
oposition to that stating the Ohio practice. WA3IOU/K3KEM moved that the spacing be reduced
from 120 miles to 100 miles on the 440 MHz band. The motion carried.

KC3ET asked if anyone has had any problems accessing anything on the web page. It was
determined the the problems he is experiencing may be Outlook 5.

KR3P commented on the regional coordination program. He noted that it takes approximately
40 minutes to run one complete coordination study.

Six people are now assigned as regional coordination assistants. KE3UC Daniel Ruhe, W3KKC
Kevin Custer, N3WMV Paul Plants, WN3M Herb Elletson, N5NWC Jim Knox, W3YV (tentative).

The Board nominated and approved N3WAV Paul Plants as Assistant Coordinator.

N3GPM reported on the FCC visit he received last week.

N3EJY requested input of the council on two different maps provided by the propagation
software: 100 mile or 60 mile coverage. Options are one or the other, or two for $15. Many
options are available and more and more options become available as KR3P becomes more familiar
with the software. N3QCR suggested that an order form be developed with various options

WA3IOU was given preliminary copies of the coverage area for the N3LGY repeater.

KR3P requested input from the council on 500 khz or 1mhz splits on 6M band.
N3EJY requested that the FC, the RCAs, N3GPM and W3CYO develop a plan and present it as a
resolution to the next meeting of the council.

KE3CT asked if WPRC would be available April 9 for forum at Two Rivers Hamfest at 12 noon
a display table will be available also. K3KEM suggested placement of a service monitor at the
table to attract visitors as well as the brochures and other information.

WA3IOU will arrange for the meeting location for July.

N3QCR suggested Venango County for the April meeting. N3EJY suggested Altoona and will contact
Dan Ruhe for possible site.

N3MBR shared an article from the Corry newsletter concerning FCC visits.

The meeting adjourned on motion by W3CYO/WA3IOU at 3:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
N3QCR Mary A. Housholder, Secretary

Please note that these meeting notes are preliminary and can be changed at the next meeting
of the W.P.R.C.