Thank you for your interest in the Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council Email System. The W.P.R.C. Email System provides the following services:

1. W.P.R.C. Email. You can send an email to request specific information of the various officers of the
    W.P.R.C. Board of Directors. Suggested items such as 'Repeater On The Air Notices' can be sent using this
    service. Generally any mail that you could send to the W.P.R.C. Post Office Box address listed below can be sent to this system, except for     frequency coo-ordination requests, and W.P.R.C. Membership Dues. To use this service simply click on the words 'W.P.R.C. Email'
to create and     send your email.

Please do not send requests for frequency coordination using this service. Please send those requests via the U.S. Postal Service address listed below.

2. W.P.R.C. News Service. This service provides W.P.R.C. news, bulletins, and other major announcements to W.P.R.C. Members.
   At the moment, this news service is for W.P.R.C. Members on a subscription basis. It is also experimental.. 
   W.P.R.C. members can subscribe by sending an email by clicking on the following link:.
3. W.P.R.C. Members Discussion Group. This discussion group provides a platform for W.P.R.C. members to discuss subjects of mutual interest.  
   To Subscribe to this discussion group using your web browser, please click on the link to
   'W.P.R.C. Members Group'.
   To subscribe to this group using your email program simply send an email by clicking on the link to:
   'W.P.R.C. Members Discussion Group'.
  (From Webmaster: Please note that this service may be closed down, as we explore other methods of providing the same service in a better way.)
4. W.P.R.C. U.S. Postal Service Address:

 Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
3000 Village Run Road
Unit 103 #173
Wexford, PA 15090-9244 


©2012 W.P.R.C.

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